Translation of documents from English to French

We usually work from a US, British or Canadian English source text and we produce a French target text for the European (mainly France) or North American (Quebec and Canada) market.

Translation of documents from French into English

We usually work from a French source text (France, Quebec or Canada) and we produce a English target text for the English-speaking (Quebec, Canada, USA or UK) market.

If you need a different language pair, please contact us. We will be happy to put you in touch with other qualified professionals who can meet your needs.

French revision

We revise documents written in French or translated to French. In the first instance, we revise a text to ensure that the French writing complies with grammar and spelling  conventions. 

In the case of a revision of a French translation, we compare the translated text with the original English document to ensure that the content as well as the language is consistent with the source text. Our objective? To provide the reader of the translated version with the exact same experience as the reader of the original English text.

Whether the text is a translation or was originally drafted in French, we put a great deal of importance on terminology. Terminology refers to the specific terms associated with a certain field. For example, depending on the context, the French word producteur may be translated by producer, a person responsible for the financial aspects of a film or by grower, a person who grows flowers, fruit or vegetables.

What we do not do: We do not offer interpretation services, i.e., rendering an oral message from one language to another.